&& now some words from Richard sh..oulda-kept-my-mouth-shut


I’m sure we’ve all seen it. The interview that made not only my jaw drop, but also the jaws of everyone I was in the room with watching the Seattle & San Fran game with. I am sure that was about the same reaction that many of the other 50 million viewers the game received that night.

Let’s just say after 25 seconds, I knew who I wanted to win the Super Bowl.

Richard Sherman may have made quite possibly the biggest play in Seattle Seahawk history,  but does that excuse this pompous, self-centered and disgusting display of an “interview” we were given afterward? I think not.

Social media IMMEDIATELY erupted.

“So Russell is a class act. Sherman on the other hand… If he played baseball,  he would get a high and tight fast ball” – Justin Verlander (pitcher for the Detroit Tigers) 

“WOW! Sherman is a douche…. he’s good… but I remember when Ty Hilton Dominated you” – Matt Overton (Colts long snapper)

I am not sure what Sherman was trying to accomplish in his publicity stunt, but I know for a fact that what he DID do was turn off a lot of his fan base for the time being.

According to one of my professors here at Rowan, Sherman is a smart man. Being an avid sports enthusiast he believe that what Sherman did was a strategic move that paid off just as he wanted it to. In his words:

“Richard Sherman is a smart man, Standford educated, he knew exactly what he was doing. Cornerbacks in football do not get much press, no matter how good you are people are always more concerned with the person handling the ball and the person making the tackles. He did what he had to do to be noticed. Was it the best move? No, not really. But it was strategic none the less”.

Sherman’s only redeeming grace in my opinion was that he did man up and apologize and reflect on his actions. In a REAL interview he said:

“And that was immature (in regards to calling out Crabtree) and I probably shouldn’t have done that. I regret doing that.”

Sherman then went on to say that people who know him off the field know him to be a true nerd, kind of awkward. He says that people only think he is cooler now because he plays football.

While I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth from that 25 seconds I will never be able to forget when I think about Richard Sherman, I can applaud the fact that he was mature enough to admit his mistake and attempt to make that image better for the younger fans that are looking up to him! 


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  1. I actually had no idea this was a thing that happened — I know, I am so totally out of the loop here. But holy crap, I had no clue he even said those things and after reading/watching it, no wonder social media imploded on itself. It is interesting, though, to see that he apologized… though we have to wonder how sincere it truly was.

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