Twihard Fans Insulted!

Who would have thought that someone would insult a Twilight fan? It is unthinkable that someone would do such a thing! I mean these fans deem no reason to be insulted. It is hard to even type this without chuckling slightly actually…

Well if you are a Twilight fan I am sorry to say that Robert Pattinson was the one who insulted his fan base. Yes, I know this may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Please try to remain breathing and conscious during the remainder of this blog post.

Okay, well the following comment is from Rob himself so you may want to sit down for this:

“The real odd thing about this Twilight target group is that they aren’t really teenagers. Most of them are older. Twilight has its own parallel world, its own fan culture that has been forming on the net since day one. And in an intense way that has never existed before. Sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day. They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight. Day and night. So actually really exciting – at least up to the point when I became part of that phenomenon”.

So basically Rob thinks that Twilight fans are a bunch of middle aged women, drooling over their computer screen looking for anything Twilight! Well aren’t you just a cocky one Rob! He is trying to separate himself from his Twilight image, but he doesn’t have to be rude about it! He is saying that Twihard fans have no life! They just eat, sleep Twilight! Well first of all if they are middle aged women, then they should have a job to go to right? Maybe a family to take care of? So that can’t possibly be true!


Well Rob did not stop there! He even continued to talk about encountering some of the Twilight fans and called them “creepy”.

She took "creepy" to a whole new level!

She took “creepy” to a whole new level!

He said that people acted like they already knew him just from seeing a picture of him or watching him play in the film. He also thought it was “scary”. I mean comon’ Rob what did you expect when you got into that role? People all over the world drooled over “Edward Cullen”. So if you are a Twilight fan, just do Rob a favor and pretend you do not know him. Oh wait, you really don’t know him so don’t pretend you do know him to humor an aggravated celebrity. I’m sure many fans that found out he said that thought, “Oh man was that me?”


One comment

  1. Robert Pattinson is always insulting his fan base. It’s sort of hilarious, actually, since he is the one person who truly hates those books more than anyone else. I remember once on an interview Jimmy Kimmel mentioned how it’s bittersweet that the series movies are over, and Rob replied immediately with “Bittersweet for them!” Really cool post.

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