My Imaginary Boyfriend

As previously mentioned in another post, the Harry Potter Fandom is pretty much knee-deep in horrible arguments, analysis posts, and then some. As this one girl says, it looks like it’s straight from a scene in “Mean Girls”. People take these fake relationships in fiction so seriously that you’d imagine they were talking politics. Why are people so attached to these relationships in the first place? Well, my first guess would be the perfection of them. The scripted ‘Always‘, the subtle notions that you could only wish you could get on a Friday night out on a date. Now more than ever, it’s easy for escapism. People used to go to the movies for that stuff or concerts, sporting events, but now?

The internet holds the key.

What's up, Destiel?

I’m talking about you, Destiel, the relationship darling of the internet.

So all of these relationships or “ships” have taken over people’s lives because they provide that little hole to fill up for the lonely or awkward. They provide this sense of adventure, something real life doesn’t usually give on a day to day basis. You watch these characters grow in front of your eyes and it gives you something to feel good about, to root for. They teach us about love… or do they? They’re unrealistic and over-the-top, but damn if we don’t gobble it up.

So what about you? Do you have a favorite fictional relationship that you put on a pedestal or do you believe that people shouldn’t take these things so seriously?



  1. As a fan girl, and I am a fan girl, sadly, I’d have to say people over reaction to OTPs and the shipping of their favorite characters with their OCs. Take the Harry Potter feud for example: I love Harry Potter-it is by far one of my favorite book series; I also don’t have care if Ron and Hermione weren’t supposed to be together, or that Dumbledore was gay, or the Dan Radcliffe hates the role because he thinks he’ll be type cast. I care about the magic. I care about the characters and what they went through. I care about the vocabulary. I think getting heated about what an author feels about the relationships of her characters is ridiculous. Fans should glean meaning-not actions and plot-from a selected piece.

  2. I have to admit that I am a fan girl, and yes I may go to the movies spefically to see a certain person and maybe escape the real world for a little bit. BUT I am not so extreme like some people are. There is a major difference with having a celebrity crush and a celebrity obsession! Also, some people go to the movies and get so involved and so intertwined with the fictional relationship on screen that they think it is real. And then they go on living life expecting that to be how real relationships are. And that is not the truth! A lot of times the movies show the beginning of the relationships when they are all happy and new! And then the movie ends with a happily ever after. Well that is not the case in real life! If the movie was to continue to show the entire life span of the couple, would it show their fights and arguments? People need to realize that this is real life and not a movie! Everything is not rainbows and butterflies!

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