Money & The Power of Fandom

If you’ve never heard of Veronica Mars, then you may be a little too young or you just aren’t into television. It was an old show (considered a cult favorite) starring Kristen Bell before she was… well, Kristen Bell, the chick from Couples Retreat and Frozen. Kickstarter, a site that can funnel through funded money, has been the cat’s meow utilized by a lot of artists these days to get their projects off the ground. One of the first projects to ever utilize this, however, was the Veronica Mars team when they announced they planned a reboot — but they needed money. Fans jumped to the ready, excited by the announcement, and ended up funding $5.7 million dollars to finance the big screen revival.


How crazy is it that a simple idea or project can be brought into motion just by the power of fans? That people can dream up these ideas and just go for it? With the Supernatural fandom, they raise money for the actors and their causes annually. After the birth of their sons and daughters, instead of sending them baby gifts, the actors requested they donate money to certain children charities like St. Jude’s. The fans responded twice as enthusiastically and raised well over the ideal goal.

So never underestimate the power of these fans. They do amazing things for the things they obsess over and they do it fast.



  1. That is so crazy that the fans raised so much money! It is nice to see that they can do something nice! All I have been reading is all the bad that the fans do, by being completely crazy or threatening lives. $5.7 million dollars is a hell of a lot of money! With seeing this, it shows you how dedicated fans are to their favorite shows, movies, and celebrities. They will do just about anything for them! It is nice to see that these fans can help change the world by seeing them donate to charities for the celebrities! I don’t think I will ever underestimate the fans!

  2. What I think is really great about this article is the part which it talks about how celebrities told people to make donations to children’s charities instead of sending gifts for their children. Too many times I believe people think that celebrities are greedy when it comes to their money but it is nice to see them realize that they can take the power of fans to help fund another great cause for other children in the world!

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