Yes, this was in fact said believe it or not by a One Direction fan. Just when we thought Justin Bieber fans were the craziest ones out there, now One Direction fans are getting pretty close. This fan tweeted the band and said, “Follow me or I’ll break my dog’s neck” and then proceeded with a picture of her holding her dog in a strangling position against the floor with her hands around its neck. A few days later she then posted another picture of the dog with it’s eyes closed saying the dog was now dead. Now if this isn’t crazy then I don’t know what is! When she tweeted the dead dog picture to band member, Liam Payne, her tweet said, ” I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died”. Well I don’t hear any remorse in that comment.


This unidentified fangirl’s account has since been deactivated, probably because this has not been the first time she tweeted such horrifying pictures. She tweeted small animal’s in blenders, her mom in a choke hold, and a child tied up laying on the ground. It really is disturbing to see what great lengths fans will go to, in order to receive some kind of recognition from their favorite celebrities.

This girl is disgusting.

This girl is disgusting.

The band never answered the girl and still has not comment on the situation. I mean the group does receive millions of tweets a day I can see how hard it could be to read them all or even half of them! Some people are saying that this is a hoax and she was only doing it to get attention. And even if that is true, what kind of sick person would pretend to do such things?! And well if it is true then I feel so bad for this dog and quite frankly this girl should be charged with animal abuse. During this whole fiasco, where is the girls mother? The mother finds it okay to pretend she is being choked so her child gets a response from a celebrity? I dont know about you but I call that bad parenting.

The girl posts pictures of animal abuse when the guys are clearly animal lovers? No idea why she thought that would get attention!

The girl posts pictures of animal abuse when the guys are clearly animal lovers? No idea why she thought that would get attention!



  1. So I just googled this and found the Daily Mail (link below) explaining this situation is a hoax because the dead dog picture was apparently posted two months before she posted the actual threat to kill it. I seriously hope this was not true and hope a more affirmative approach been made if it was real. Then again, there are so many website showing the most bizarre things so it is actually no surprise something like this would have gone unnoticed.

  2. This is absolutely horrifying. Hoax or not, animals should not be treated that way for any reason. When it comes to people like this ,especially if they’re sincere about it, they ought to face animal abuse charges immediately. I can’t believe her mother was okay with being “choked” just for some attention.

  3. Wow! People are in fact becoming crazy. I have never found myself a big fan of one particular band or actor over another and never fell into the “fandom” category so I could be a bit biased, but this is horrific. People this is not okay. They are regular people just like you and I and should not be threatened to follow you back. This not only brings up a good point as to how far “fandom” has gone, but also what children are like these days. Times are changing and children are growing up way too quickly and not being raised properly.

  4. This is seriously one of the most disturbing things I have ever read, AND FOR WHAT?! A follower on twitter?! I know that fans can get pretty crazy and have heard many stores depicting just that but really? I don’t think there are any words to properly describe how SICK this is. I hope that someone steps in and helps this poor girl before she goes too far hurts more people or animals!

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