Will the Real Batman Please Stand Up?

So as you have probably heard there is a new Batman coming out! “Man of Steel” sequel is set to release July, 17 2015 and when the casting of the new Batman was released, people had many things to say about it. Ben Affleck was casted as Batman in the sequel, and people are not happy! Fans are actually quite outraged by this! I personally think this is a little too premature to be saying this about him before he has even been given a chance. In this article I read it talks about how it really is too early to be judging the performance of someone before they have even performed! The article talks about how many people had lots of things to say when “The Dark Knight Rises” as released. For example, when Heath Ledger was casted as “The Joker”, everyone thought he was going to sink, but he did in fact swim! He even won an Oscar for it! Then there was the outrage against Anne Hathaway being cast as “Cat Woman”, which was a hit as well! So while many critics believe Ben should not play Batman, other people are saying to calm down and give the man a chance!

I personally think he looks pretty dark and mysterious here.

I personally think he looks pretty dark and mysterious here.

It is understandable that a character as old and as popular as Batman, many people are going to be very judgmental on who plays him and very particular about it. So this was only expected! When you think about it, there is probably no one loved enough in the entire world to play Batman! So fans really do need to calm down and quit trying to make petitions! Within the first 12 hours of the announcement there was already 30 different petitions on Change.org.

One article talks about how many fans can’t separate him from the films that he was not so good in that he has starred in before. Batman needs to be dark and mysterious and Ben just does not seem to have that. People need to realize that there have been five different Batman’s and every time there has been some kind of controversy about the person. In the end, no one is going to be perfect for the role, and as long as we live there will probably be more and more Batman movies out, which means there will have to be new character’s cast. And although everyone has something to say about Ben doing the job right, no one can really say anything until the film actually comes out in 2015. So let’s just all keep out comments to ourselves and wait and see how he does when the movie comes out! Then every one can bash him… that is if he deserves bashing!



  1. I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I heard Ben got the role, but you raise a good point. Maybe he’ll surprise everyone and be super Batman-ish in the new film! I guess we won’t know until we do. Either way, good blog and you’re right he actually does look a little dark and mysterious in that picture. I guess I’ll have to see it to find out now.

  2. I will admit that I am a Marvel girl and can’t stand DC. This makes me biased, but my friends and I were talking tonight about this. I think what DC has done and is doing is going to piss of a lot of fans. For example, in the last Superman movie (SPOILER ALERT), Superman murders his enemy. I’m sorry, but that is one thing Superman has a problem with and probably his most redeeming quality, in my opinion. And they’re ok with doing that in the movie?! Now DC has decided to make Wonder Woman from Krypton. Um…wtf?! No. I’m sorry. Unacceptable. I think the Ben Affleck move is one of their better judgements. He’s a decent actor, and I think he’d do a good job in the role, especially for the set up of the movie. I just think DC is making too many bs changes in their characters and plots that will ultimately wind up where X-Men movies are: the comic book fans hate it and the bandwagoners love it. It’ll start to get old and go down hill. Marvel is proving that people can handle what they throw at them, and DC is scared to make any big moves (like giving Wonder Woman her own movie or making her an Amazonian princess). I honestly would go see a Wonder Woman movie and I’m looking forward to Ben Affleck as Batman. I hope it’s just not as disappointing as Heath Ledger’s Joker and I mean how they wrote the Joker, and not the actual performance. I loved Heath Ledger, but that wasn’t the Joker. :/

  3. I don’t mind the choice of Affleck as Batman. He’s a good actor and it’s not like Batman / Bruce Wayne is this super deep and complex character. Then again, I think Man of Steel is awful and have almost zero hope for this movie anyway.

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