Gendertainment posted a blog, “The Role in Women in Movies“, that talked about how women are mainly used to attract the male audience, and how they never really have a lead role. Well this struck me as quite fascinating and led me to do some further research on my own. If you look at the movie, Mr and Mrs Smith, Angelina Jolie is a main character, however the directors used major sex appeal when doing so. Whether she is in her combat outfit or if she is simply in a white button up, she still screams SEX!

Although she is simply wearing a white button up, it is probably the sexiest button up and rainboots there are!

Think about it. Have you ever seen a lead character that is a not so pretty female? Yes there are some, but not many! And if they aren’t then people may think they are a lesbian. The article that was referenced in the blog talked about how the very first female, Marilyn Monroe, made men flock to the cinema with her oh so perfectly sculpted lips and provocative clothing.


Women make men swarm the movies, not because they are good actresses but because of how they look. They become a desire. The men long for them. They go to the movies with their wives and act like they may be the least bit interested in the movie, when really they are hoping to see a scene with maybe  a shirt a little lower than normal or maybe the wind blows their skirt a little too high.

It is a shame that we live in a world where the success of a movie may be based upon the appearence of the actor’s and actresses and not on their acting skills. Speaking of bad acting. This leads to the movie Twilight. Many people argued that the acting in it was absolutely dreadful; however, it still made millions and millions of dollars because of the ever so easy on the eyes, Robert Pattinson.

Although Kristen Stewart had bad acting, Rob still kept the fans coming with his great looks!

Although Kristen Stewart had bad acting, Rob still kept the fans coming with his great looks!

This major sex appeal can go as far back as the 1st Charlie’s Angels  TV series. The three main actresses kick major ass and look good when doing so.

charlies-angels-pink-againSo the best way to gain a big fan base is, have an action movie and make sure the lead character’s are good looking, then you have to mix some romance in there for the female fans. Now if the female is the main character and she is the one who fights off the bad then she definitely has to be goodlooking. And if the main character is a male who has to save a female from evil then she still has to be good looking. So basically just have goodlooking women in your movie and it will be a success!



  1. It’s a very valid concern. Males make up the protagonist of entertainment far more often than not. On a related note, there’s the Bechtel Test which people love to misuse. Basically if two women don’t have a conversation without a man being discussed, the movie fails to pass the test. As a broad critique of Hollywood, it’s a valid, but for individual movies it has plenty of faults.

  2. While I agree with the fact that women are objectified more and more in our society I have to admit that on the other hand, I have found myself (and i’m sure many other women doing somewhat of the same thing. Take the movie Magic Mike, for example. If ANYONE was to tell me “I really want to see that movie because I know it will have a great story line and Matthew McConaughey is going to win an oscar” would laugh in their face and walk away. I’m sorry, but the ONLY reason women went to see that movie was because there were 5 extremely attractive guys (okay, maybe 4… the tarzan guy creeped me out) dancing around seductively with barely any clothes on.

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