There’s No Pride in Anti-fandom

Earlier today Ken Levine, co-founder and creative director of Irrational Games, the developer behind the Bioshock series surprised many by announcing a “winding down of Irrational Games as you know it.” Meaning, he wants to take the studio in a new direction, which includes laying-off all but 15 people.

In this Detructoid article, the news is called “bittersweet,” and the author is right. It’s sad to hear people are losing their jobs, but at the same time I’m excited to see how those who remain will handle the new direction.  There are gamers on the other-hand who are the complete opposite. They reveling in the loss of jobs and angry the studio hasn’t completely folded up.


I can understand not liking Irrational’s titles. Games are entertainment after all and entertainment is subjective, but to be rejoice at the plight of others is disgusting. It’s this sort of anti-fandom which breeds animosity not only between gamers, but between our culture and the outside world’s view of it. Okay, so you jumped on the bandwagon of the ludonarrative dissonance argument. Fine, you have every right to dislike a game for whatever reason. Not every has to agree with your reasoning, but so long as they respect your stance, that’s what is most important. But the same goes for you. Respect the fact that others enjoy something you don’t.

Don’t like a game, developer, or publisher? Simple solution. Don’t financially support them. If you feel inclined to, write a detailed and thoughtful review or editorial as to why you don’t. What it comes down to is not being, well, irrational. Or an asshole if you prefer a less pun-filled reasoning.

I’ve never been one for defining myself by the things I am not. Sure being anti-somthing isn’t intolerantly negative, but if all of your effort is spent towards removing something from this world rather than adding to it, you’ve missed the point of life.


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  1. People are like that. Schadeunfreude is best exemplified in the gaming fandom. Someone can’t complete a level? Awesome. Gaming company that makes games that I can’t stand is going under? Fabulous.

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