Relationships vs. Technology

Looking through the blogs that our classmates have created I stumbled upon a post by Jenn on Bloggin’ with Friends. The original post was done by Katy and the article can be found here. The article begins by saying that 72% of people do not believe that their relationship has not been affected by our ever changing technological world. It then continues to give different statistics including:

  • “25 percent of married or partnered adults who text have texted their partner when they were both home together.”
  • “21 percent of cell owners or internet users in a committed relationship have felt closer to their spouse or partner because of exchanges they had online or via text message.”
  • “9 percent have resolved an argument with their partner online or by text message that they were having difficulty resolving in person.”
  • “25 percent of cell phone owners in a marriage or partnership have felt their spouse or partner was distracted by their cell phone when they were together.”
  • “8 percent of internet users in a committed relationship have had an argument with their spouse or partner about the amount of time one of them was spending online.”

After reading those statistics it was definitely an eye opener for me. My boyfriend of 2 and a half years is NOT one to be up with technology. While he knows how to pick out great presents (iPad, Macbook) he could care less if he actually ever used them. I almost cringed reading some of those because I would finish reading and say “that happened”.. “i did this”… it’s bad. I guess I have never realized just how much technology has consumed my life until I read this. I have definitely taken a step back and realized that I need to stop depending on my phone or computer as much as I do and enjoy the life that I live without it! 



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