They are just like us!


Pictured above is Jerry Sienfeld and his family. This photo is from a family trip that him, his wife and his children took to Disney World. The title of the article was “Jerry Seinfeld looks like a regular dad as he takes his wife and kids to Disney World” and I believe that it is important that people realize that behind all of the fancy cars, clothes and luxury celebrities really are just like us! 

Too many times I think that people do not realize that just because someone is making money playing sports or acting that doesn’t make them some immortal creature. I have seen in magazines different articles that show celebrities and how they are “just like us” (pictured below”



I believe that it is extremely important that people see articles like this to help bring them back to reality. There have been times in my own life where I have envied celebrities because their lives seem “perfect”. Looking through magazines and seeing spreads showing the fact that celebrities are just people too is a very positive thing because it shows that even celebrities (well, some…) do not want to be put up on the pedestals we as fans put them on.


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