About Amanda

Hey All! 
My name is Amanda Morrell and I am a Senior at Rowan University. I used to study Elementary Education and received my Associates Degree for Education but now I am a Liberal Studies major. This is all due to a crazy life changing experience that happened to me and led me to my current career path as a Manager at C.O.P.S. Monitoring. I started working there when I was 18 years old as a dispatcher, but was recently promoted in September to Manager. I have chosen to stick with this career because I enjoy my position thoroughly, and enjoy my wonderful dispatchers as well. We monitor for alarm companies all across the United States and surrounding areas.  I am lucky enough to be able to travel to various locations for business trips, and my company even takes me on an all paid week vacation once a year! This ranges from places in the United States to places in the Carribean. I guess you could call me lucky! With that being said, I love traveling! I take many vacations every year! I like to experience new cultures as well as enjoy the beautiful nature each place has to offer! 
I am crazy into Astrology, and can just about tell anyone’s sign by having a conversation with them. I truly believe there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. I have many books and study this topic often. I also enjoy finding out people’s life path numbers and believe this to be 100 percent accurate, as I have actually experienced this first hand. I am a Scorpio, and my polar opposite sign is a Taurus, which is the most compatible sign with a Scorpio. Upon knowing this, almost all my best friends, and my mother are all Taurus’s, which explains why I get along with all of them so well! If you have free time you really should do your own research and find out signs that are compatible with you. I can almost gaurantee that you will find these signs very close to you throughout your daily life.
I also am a huge health freak! I like to make healthy shakes, and meals. It is a very fun hobby to do. I recently lost 27 pounds from changing my life style and still have a lot more to go! What I learned is that it is not about going on a diet, it is about changing your lifestyle. Also, anything you put your mind to you can definitely accomplish! Its about determination and discipline! 
Another random fact about me is I have an obsession with dogs, as well as cats! Dogs are great companions to have. They all have their own personalities and it’s so interesting to see! Also, many people do not like cats because they think they have no personalities but I beg to differ! It is all about how you treat your animals. If you treat them with respect, and love them unconditionally as well as train them properly, they will amaze you! I am going to grow up and have so many! I plan on being a foster home for many animals until homes are able to be found. I want to try and save as many animals as I can! They all deserve a chance! 
I also am a very positive person. I like to look on the brighter side of things. I had a miracle happen to me when I was 12 and that was that I was still alive and able to walk after a horrible accident. I broke my 5th vertebrae right in half and nearly drowned in the pool I hit the buttom of. I should of been paralyzed with how bad the break was, but somehow I stabilized my own neck until I was able to get to the hospital, which stopped the bone from severing my spinal cord. I was young, and I do not even know why I thought to stabilize my own neck. It is almost as if some inner intuition just enabled me to do it. I did not even know my neck was broken at the time. The doctors said I was a walking miracle. They could not understand how I was not paralyzed for the rest of my life! This is why everyday I am thankful to still be on this earth and able to walk. It was a long and painful recovery process. I had to learn how to walk again, I wore a painful halo, and was made fun of because of it at my school. But none of that mattered to me because I was alive! I do not take one day for granted, which is why I am going to end this with a quote I live by;

“There’d be no good days, if there weren’t bad ones. The sky wouldn’t be blue, if it were never black. And sometimes you need to fall halfway down the mountain, to find a new trail that will take you straight to the top.”


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